Algara school located in Almere at Muziekwijk district, 5 min drive from Almere-ring. School can be easily reached both by car and public transport, also from Amsterdam.

The main focus of Algara school is on the different language curses, but not limited to it. Here you can learn a vide range of slavic languages  (such as Bulgarian, Russian, Czech, Croatian and Serb); get prepared for Naturalization and language exams such as Inburgering and NT2; get a general advise as a foreigner  or get qualified translations for your documents (beedigde vertaler bij het ministerie van Justitie).

The main distinction for this school is that the lessons can be given in your own tempo and timelines for really affordable prices. The stress of following the group in common language-school is completely relieved. And, needles to say, individual lessons are tailored for your specific needs - if you require more focus on writings - here you go, you get extra exercises in that area; if you require to improve your speaking skills or perhaps give it a work-related spin for your professional growth in the Netherlands - this is also an option here. For people living busy life it's quite essential to have a possibility to have an adjustable schedule.

The lessons will be fun and to the point, given individually or in a small group. All you need to do - is to get in contact with Algara school and ask your questions!!!!